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Gems (und andre Links)

geschrieben von SirMad 
avatar java wow updater
28.07.2008 13:13:38
kann auch curse und co


...what the fhtagn?
avatar combuctor
25.07.2008 19:17:49
ähnlich wie arkinventory nur kleiner


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Krieger DW
16.07.2008 23:11:26

LVL 90 Mönch,Magier,Hexer,Krieger,Druide,Todesritter,Schurke,Jäger,Schamane,Paladin,Priester
avatar Re: Ruf in Scherbenwelt
23.03.2007 16:02:31
Cenarion Expedition
Repeatable Reputation Quests:
- Plants of Zangarmarsh - Turn in 10 Unidentified Plant Parts for 250 reputation and a Package of Unidentified Parts. 5% of each Package contains a "Unidentified Species", turn-in-able at any reputation level for 500 reputation.
This quest is no longer available at Honored.
- Coilfang Armaments - Drops from Steamvault (68-70, both Heroic and non-Heroic.) Each is turn-in-able for 75 reputation.

Reputation points available from quests per zone:
- Hellfire Peninsula - 1,545
- Zangarmarsh - 4,775
- Terokkar Forest - 1,350 (+25 for Alliance)
- Coilfang Reservoir - 1,760
- Netherstorm - 750
- Blade's Edge Mountains - 4,220

Instance reputation:
- Until the end of Friendly, Slave Pens mobs give outstanding reputation -- 15 points per kill. This ends at the end of Friendly.
- Reputation gains can be made (to the tune of ~300 per run) in the Underbog until the end of Honored.
- Both Heroic and non-Heroic Steamvaults give excellent reputation all the way to Exalted.

Non-instance reputation:
- Naga in Zangarmarsh will give 10 reputation per kill until the end of Friendly.

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avatar Re: Ruf in Scherbenwelt
23.03.2007 16:05:42
A town found along the western edge of Zangarmarsh, populated by the Sporelings. The Sporelings are a mostly peaceful race of mushroom-men native to Outland. Players start out Unfriendly with Sporeggar, but can gain reputation quickly.

The base way, when leveling, is to kill Bog Giants of one variety or another, a mob that bears the ubercool feature of being able to herb its corpse as skinners skin beasts. That nets you 10 Rep apiece. There is also rep from mobs within the Slave Pens in the Coilfang Reservoir.

Unfriendly to Neutral
Collect Bog Lord Tendrils, which drop off the bog lords to be given to an NPC east of the spawning glen in southwestern Zangarmarsh for reputation.

Neutral to Friendly
Collect Glowcap or Fertile Spores for reptuation. Glowcap can be found on the ground, while Fertile Spores drop off of a good number of mobs in the marsh, typically fen striders or spore bats. However, and this is important, Glowcap is used to Purchase items from the faction's rep-based vendor. So save those for that instead.

Friendly to Honored
There is a quest to kill Naga from one of the Sporelings. These naga also give Cenarion Expedition rep, and there is even a Cenarion Refuge for their claws.

Honored to Revered
There is nothing but bog lord kill for reputation. However, the bog lords will stop giving rep at 11999/12000, so save a quest to push yourself over the edge to revered.

Revered to Exalted
There is currently no means of getting Sporereggar rep from revered to exalted.

Escort Quest: A special escort quest opens up with the Bog Lord Fhwoor, located in Sporeggar. The quest is hard, and you should at least have a healer to heal Fhwoor, who can tank quite adequately most anything that comes his way. At the end of the quest you are forced to an elite and two adds, so be prepared for that.

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avatar Re: Ruf in Scherbenwelt
23.03.2007 16:06:31
honor hold
Repeatable Reputation Quests:
- The repeatable "Hellfire Fortifications" PVP quest grants 250 reputation points per completion. There is an Alliance pre-req, "Laying Waste to the Unwanted." The latest reports suggest this has been nerfed as of 2.0.6 to not grant as much reputation after Honored.

Reputation Items:
- Purchaseable for 5 Marks of Honor Hold, the "Honor Hold Favor" item will increase reputation gains by 25% and lasts 30 minutes. These are advisable to use at 70 in Shattered Halls.

Reputation points available from quests per zone:
- Hellfire Peninsula - 9,985
- Hellfire Citadel - 1,050
- Hellfire Citadel (66+) - 1,000
- Hellfire Peninsula (66+) - 875 (Shattered Halls Key Crafting Quests)

Instance reputation:
- Until the end of Friendly, Ramparts and Blood Furnace mobs grant 5-10 reputation per kill, with bosses a little more.
- Both Heroic and non-Heroic Shattered Halls give excellent reputation all the way to Exalted.

Non-instance reputation:
- Orcs around Hellfire Citadel will give reputation per kill until the end of Friendly.

Recommended path to Revered - Hit Blood Furnace and Ramparts until 5999/6000 Friendly and then dump quests. This will get you 11000/12000 or so, which can then be finished up with either 66+ quests or Hellfire Fortifications.

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avatar Re: Gems (und andre Links)
12.08.2008 11:08:20
guides für alle fälle


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avatar wowmatrix
25.08.2008 15:40:19

paladon hats mal erwähnt, jetzt hab ichs gefunden. addon updater. sieht gut aus von weitem

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avatar Re: Gems (und andre Links)
18.09.2008 09:42:45

druiden equip rating listen endlich auf neustem stand yay

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avatar Re: Gems (und andre Links)
20.09.2008 08:46:23
schurken equip compare


mit ner hübschen location auflistung

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