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ICC Hardmode Schnell-Übersicht

geschrieben von SirMad 
ICC Hardmode Schnell-Übersicht
06.05.2010 10:04:00
Hier ein kleiner Schnell Überblick über die Hard modes (Aus sicht eines Vergelters):

The Lower Spire

Lord Marrowgar

Bone Storm will actually do some damage to you now, so don't be hugging him too much in Whirlwind phases unless you want to make your healers hate you. Also, he continues to cast Bone Spike Graveyard while he's Brostorming, so run over and whack on the spikes.

Lady Deathwhisper

A very different fight to what you've experienced on normal mode. Throughout the fight, she will be immune to taunt, which means no more smashing meters with 15k Hand of Reckonings in Phase 1. This has the unfortunate side effect of threat capping you in Phase 2 (due to the debuff on tanks) but as adds continue to spawn in Phase 2, you'll be kept busy when this does occur (getting Mind Controlled by LDW will clear your threat). Additionally; the ghosts that spawn and come barreling for your raid will actually explode in a 20 yard radius on heroic mode, so try to avoid hitting them unless you really enjoy making 24 other people in your raid very angry with you.

Lootship Battle

The only interesting change on heroic mode is that the rockets fired from the other ship will now knock you back, often off the ship. Pretty much all I do on this fight is run around trying to get hit by them and we win every week.

Deathbringer Saurfang

While there's no fundamental changes to the role of a melee DPS on this encounter, this is one fight where the sheer utility of a ret paladin shines. Casting Blessing of Protection on targets with Boiling Blood early in the fight is necessary to minimise and delay Saurfang's Blood Power gain. It will be available again later in the fight so you can use it on a raid member who has the Mark (try to save it for someone who gets Mark+Boiling Blood). Use Blessing of Sacrifice too, in order to minimise the damage targets with Mark take, because if one person with Mark dies, it's a wipe.

The Plagueworks


Festergut has more health and becomes a significant DPS check on heroic mode. He also does more damage - if you don't get three stacks of Inoculated you will most likely die unless you blow Divine Shield or Divine Protection. Throughout the fight, Professor Putricide will throw down Malleable Goo at your raid members like he does in his own fight, but the difference here is melee can be targeted by it. To combat it, what we do is have our melee group stack up on one of his feet and move to the other foot whenever Goo is cast and continue moving back and forth in this fashion. That's all there is to the fight, really.


Pretty standard more health, more damage hard mode. Rotface will gain the Vile Gas ability from the Festergut fight, but like Festergut, this will only affect players at range, so you don't have to worry about it. Do everything as per normal mode.

Professor Putricide

A real step-up on heroic mode, this will test your raid's co-ordination and DPS. There are two main changes: a new debuff, Unbound Plague, which you won't have to worry too much about as melee, and the phase transitions will instead of stun you, spawn two oozes (one of each colour) which you'll have to kill, ideally before he's finished playing with concoctions at his bench. On 25 man, you'll have a debuff called 'Gas/Ooze Variable' which means you'll only be able to damage the type of add your variable matches. On 10 man, no such debuff exists and you can go nuts on both.

The Crimson Hall

Blood Prince Council

Heroic mode of this fight adds a mechanic that will do damage to you whenever you move. Of course, there's so many things on this fight that you have to move from that you'll probably want to go postal by the end of it. Empowered and normal Shock Vortexes are still around, and so are Empowered Flame Spheres, which will actually hurt so it's advisable to follow them for a few seconds to reduce the damage done when they reach their target and detonate. Prince Keleseth is still unable to remain in one place for more than 0.5 of a second at a time, so you'll be following him around the map when he's empowered. While you're doing this, be mindful of your stacks, and be ready to stop moving completely (or Bubble, which removes your stacks!) Your stacks will dissipate after six seconds, and six seconds of extra DPS time isn't worth risking death at high stack levels.

Blood Queen Lana'thel

It's exactly the same as normal mode with a tighter DPS check and more raid damage. If you've killed it on normal mode, you know all there is to know and the only thing holding you back from a kill is raid DPS, so give it everything!

Frostwing Halls

Valithria Dreamwalker

Quite a few things change on heroic mode but almost none of it is relevant to a ret paladin. The most notable of changes is that the Blistering Zombies' melee attack will now one-shot you, and their death explosion will come real close to doing the same. Scary stuff.


Another fight where mechanics don't really change, but everything's a hell of a lot more lethal. Failing on Blistering Cold or Frost Bomb is now an instant one shot to the face, and there'll be more general raid damage. Be mindful of your stacks of Chilled and Mystic Buffet in Phase 3, and remember that Bubble won't clear your Buffet stacks nor will it prevent you from gaining more stacks.

"So, Tankadin, what's the kill order?"- "OK, this room, the next room, the hallway, then boss. Heads up." - "Throws Shield*

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